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Manage Repositories

  • Create repositories effortlessly
  • Use Git, Subversion and Mercurial
  • Import your existing repositories
  • Assign user accounts, teams and permissions
  • Access through secure 2048-bit SSL encryption.

Use Integrations

  • Subscribe to RSS feeds of your commit logs to track activity
  • Email, Twitter and Campfire notifications
  • Use Post commit hooks to integrate with your Issue Tracker
  • Trigger web hooks after each commit.

Inspect Repositories

  • Web repository access for all users
  • History, diff and source views
  • See who is responsible for any line of code
  • One-click repository backups whenever you want.
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Git, HG and SVN

Versionshelf supports Git, Mercurial and Subversion repositories, so you can choose which VCS suits your development process.



Compare your revisions and keep the overview on all changes. Intra-Line-Diff offers you a line based comparison about all changes.



All commits can be tracked down easily in the browser.

Simply click on the revision number and all the details are shown in the Repository Browser.


Repository Browser

Browse all your repositories online.

The repository browser shows you all the important information for Git, Subversion and Mercurial in depth.



Access your repositories over an encrypted HTTPS (2048-bit) connection. We are hosting your data in environmentally-friendly and redundant data centers, provided by our hosting partner.

The servers are all located in Germany, so we are subject to German data protection regulations and laws.


Integrate your Development Systems with the power of web-hooks. Control your Continuous Integration System, trigger your deployment process or trigger automatic backups to you local repositories.

Many popular integrations are already supported: RSS-Feeds, Twitter, Web-Hooks, E-Mail, Bugshelf.

Permissions and Accounts

Manage permissions or add and remove members within the web gui. Repository administration is done in seconds.


Syntax highlighting

Perfect presentation of your source code in the browser with syntax highlighting for over 50 languages.

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Why should you use Versionshelf?

  • Use the most reliable and popular open source version control systems: Git, Subversion and Mercurial.
  • Versionshelf helps teams of developers to stay productive and not to become administrators. Just use Versionshelf - we keep it secure, up and running.
  • With the power of Git, Subversion and Mercurial at its core, Versionshelf gives you a reliable, streamlined and easy to use system to manage your code.
  • You should definitely put everything important under source control - application code, html templates, CSS, javascript, documentation, image assets, excel sheets, configuration files, ... - absolutely everything!
  • Be sure not to lose anything! We take care this will not happen (at least as long as you commit and push your work to our servers).
  • We are in business for more than 8 years and know how to build and run reliable and secure version control systems hosting.

Why others use Versionshelf

“We evaluated a number of alternative providers out there, and chose Versionshelf for speed - it was easily the fastest access we could find. Over the years since then not only has access speed remained consistently high but the level of service and personal support we have received has been outstanding - thanks Versionshelf!”
Colin Bowler, Head of Software Operations, Naim Audio Ltd

“We recently switched from CVS to Subversion - since we didn't need to install a Subversion server we were able to continue with development at full speed. Besides this - rss feeds and secure access from all over the world are a great benefit!”
Mathias Hubrich, CEO of Roboterwerk

“Offering solid version control to our freelancers is essential - Subversion combined with the easy to use Versionshelf control panel is definitely worth its money!”
Andreas Schrei, Administrator at .webflow

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